Bitter Sweet

Currently in Singapore airport making full use of the free wifi here. Sadly on my way home. 2 flights down, 1 to go.

Super dooper sad to say goodbye to my sister again, her husband and of course the little man (I've nicknamed him sir whingealot). We had a very quick goodbye which was probably for the best in reflection, otherwise the three of us (mum, Hannah and I) would have been a blubbering mess.

Every time I've had to say bye to my sister it's usually bitter sweet. The past 2 times now that I've been to see her my husband hasn't come with me. So while I'm sad to be saying bye to my sister again, I'm looking forward to seeing husband and my poppy bear (that's the cat).

Luckily these days we have skype, bbm, what's app and Facebook to keep up to date and in touch with our loved ones. We are lucky really :)

But now I just want to go home...if I have to. I hate waiting around airports. It sucks. I have an 8hr flight to go so not far now (last long flight I did was a 32hr flight home - 5 different flights with a sinus infection....I consider anything shorter now an absolute breeze!) so I really shouldn't be complaining.

I might take a look at pinterest, read my book, take some
More photos and try not to fall asleep while waiting for the next flight.

(my outfit on the way over and very similar to what I'm wearing now...just changed the tshirt to a new tshirt)

What do you hate/love the most about travelling?

Tara Louise.

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