How To: "fake" mt tape

so by "fake"mt tape, i mean digital mt tape i suppose. i love the look of mt tape and created some the other day while playing around on the computer. here is the tutorial:

Start by opening a blank/new workspace ina  photo editing program. i use photoscape, which is a free download and is like photoshop but simpler to use. This tutorial is to create mt tape that is striped. I't's easy and looks effective.

 step 1: Draw diagonal lines on page. Once you do one, you can clone it (press the + button to the left of the box that appears around it) and just keep adding until you have a few.

step 2: When you have a decent amount of lines and you like the way it is all spaced, press the {photo + objects} button. This will flatten the image and makes the lines and everything just one image.

step 3: now go to the crop tab and crop your picture into a long rectangle....this basically shows you know what your mt tape will look like.

You can leave it here if you like this look. Skip through to step 8 step 7 which shows you how to apply it. To add more layers to your tape....continue on and do the next couple of steps.

Step 4:  Repeat the same steps as before to draw another set of lines in. Change the colour or add dots. It's really up to you!

Step 5: Press {photo+ objects} again and this box will pop up. Make sure you tick the {combine all objects with photo} or it says something along those lines. This will erase everything that went off the edges of your "tape".

Step 6:  This is your completed digital mt tape.

Read on to see how to apply it to images now.

Step 7:  Open the image you want the tape to be taped with. Click the picture icon and click {photo}. This allows you to add a photo onto your chosen image.

Step 8:  Your "tape" should now be on your image. Slide the opacity slider to the left so it becomes transparent. Have you ever seen opaque mt tape??? nope, i didn't think so. This gives it the papery see through look the tape has.

Step 9: Use the rotate arrows and spin it around so it  looks like it is sticking the image to the background. I think it always looks best if you leave it on an angle. Then save your image as....make sure to tick the box that says {enlarge your image to include objects outside the image}, this means the top of your mt tape won't be chopped off.

and below is the finished result:

very sweet i think!

if you make these, it would be great to put them on facebook, so everyone else can see your creations and we can all use each others!

tara louise.

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