i've been busy...

the last couple of days i've been flat out making things and getting ready for  a months holidays (more on that next week) and here's what i've been inspired to make and do.....

item one: clean out my cupboard and clothes 
when: last sunday
inspired by: this post by danimezza + my sister

i have been needing to do something about my clothing situation for awhile now....it's was getting ridiculous. half my clothes didnt fit me since i lost heaps of weight last year and my sister is having a bubba any day now and wanted whatever clothes didnt fit me anymore. so the mission started....

the first photo is our bed while i was at the very beginning! i pulled out old drawers and rearranged everything. put in some new bits and bobs and the pic right above here is the finished product....trust me, it's so much neater than before! and all my clothes are in one spot!

item two: eye sleeping mask
when:during the week sometime
inspired by: this pinterest pic + tutorial

all the elastic had well and truly gone in my eye sleep mask i got off the last plane trip i went on, so it was time for a new one for my next venture. and well, a floral one is much prettier than a boring plane mask. and yes, i'm aware i look like i just woke up in the last two shots, but really i didnt. i was just modelling my new mask! (but i was in my pyjamas....it was like 9pm by the time i finished after work)

this is to be continued......
as í didnt realise what the time was and need to get ready for zumba

tara louise.

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