my week in photos

this week i had my birthday! i turned 27. i got a mini cupcake maker and churned out some red velvet cupcake bites super dooper fast. i also had the day off work - the first in 27 years - our family doesn't take days off school/work just because it's your birthday. i had a delicious cup of peppermint tea - love the pale green it goes as soon as the t.bag hits the water. i made some feathery christmas decorations. i ate gelati (chocolate sorbet and lime sorbet are my fave combination) for my birthday dinner dessert. we had our 2 bomby cars taken to the wreckers - hello clean front of house and bye to my very first car. i drank a yummy frozen peach ice tea at the farmers market. then had a coffee w husband. today i had my family birthday lunch - a picnic/feast/all you can eat smorgasboard in the backyard. it was scorching.

i've had a lovely birth-week and have felt very spoilt and loved.

hope you had a week just as great.

tara louise.

Adalita  – (Monday, November 28, 2011)  

Looks like you were very spoilt - I love the look of the red velvet cupcakes Yum!

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