oh how it irritates me so...

i'm at work and i just remembered this photo i took last night:

a normal iceblock you may say. what's so unusual about that??

see the bite marks- 1 at the bottom and one at the side of the iceblock?

my husband did that.

it irritates me so much that he'll just take a bite out of my iceblock wherever he pleases.
he does it now just to irritate me.

i know it's the smallest thing in the world to get irritated about but far out my ocd/aspergus tendencies go into overdrive when he does things like this.

i also find the following things equally annoying:
digging big holes out of a bucket of ice-cream.
digging big holes in the tub of marg.
leaving huge amounts of crumbs in the marg.

i prefer to scrape ice-cream/butter out of the bucket. so it's nice and smooth along the top ....mind you i'm not that pedantic about it - with the tub of butter (now i do sound like  freak! haha).

do you have anything so stupid it's a bit ridiculous that irritates you to no end???

are you a scraper or a digger?

please don't tell me it's just me.
there must be more of us out there. surely.

enjoy the rest of your day fellow scrapers and diggers, you can have a good day too.

tara louise.

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