My past few weeks in photos...

my poor blog has been a bit neglected lately. i've been pretty busy - hence the neglectful nature.

this is what i've been up to....

i've been catching up with friends. drinking delicious lemon and mint mocktails at the gorgeous point break in burleigh for our zumba christmas lunch. having brekky with the husband. creating the gift guide for the handmade markets christmas market. spending waaaaaaay too much time on photoshop as a result of that. we bought ourselves an xbox kinnect for christmas - husbands not great at keeping things wrapped up until the day. eating fresh cherries at work - straight off a clients tree. drinking delicious coffee with mumsy at gov's.

then that afternoon we had the handmade market which was moved into the office due to the annoyingly unpredictable weather #resultedinashitmoodandstressedme. went to watch foo fighters that night = best concert ever. really. i've been printing my own wrapping paper. making soy candles. eating this biccies that taste just like maccas cookies but i can eat them! working working working. and we've just been to the sunshine coast for the weekend and spent time drinking cocktails, lazing in the sauna and soaking up the 5star lifestyle. and doing lots of driving. because i have a great husband who is a fab bargain hunter and thinks to book things like that for us!

and well, now it's christmas day this weekend and i'm freaking out slightly.
i have oodles to do. oodles to make and working every day this week + saturday does not help me one little bit!

tara louise.

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