Last minute speedy WREATH TUTORIAL

i've been researching my wreath for this year for quite a while now. i finally settled on a design a while ago and finally got around to doing it last week - because well i tend to leave everything to the last minute. and well it's sat there since because i don't really love it. it needed something extra and i couldn't work out what - and well with christmas rapidly approaching, i dont really have time to sit and wait for inspiration to come.

i sat this afternoon looking around my sewing room for inspiration and this is what i came up with...

(a dead give away i live in qld is the fly screen.....not very pretty, but practical and necessary)

follow on for the super easy tutorial...

so you can see what i started with.....i planned on incorporating this into the wreath.
you'll need all the things in the photo on the right + sticky tape, mt tape/other pretty tape/fabric and a sewing machine.

pretty simple this step....just keep sewing and place the triangles into the sewing foot as you go.

wrap the length of triangles around the edges of the embroidery hoop taping as you go to hold them in place.

on the left was my original vision...but it looked like crap. so i ditched the leaves/feathers idea.

instead i just covered the ugly tape with the mt tape. you could also wrap fabric around it to cover the tape. i'd probably still use both too for added support and strength.

i tied mine onto the flyscreen with bakers twine. but fabric would work too or any string really.

and that's husband in the background.

i love that it's not traditional, but the circular hoop means wreath to me.

if you re-make this or are inspired by this (because you, like me also leave everything to the last minute and haven't organised a wreath yet), i'd love to see your version.
please put it on facebook and be sure to tag tara louise designs.

tara louise.

Adalita  – (Sunday, December 18, 2011)  

I love it - it has a modern feel but also screams FUN!

Tara  – (Wednesday, December 21, 2011)  

thanks! i'm pretty happy with it myself - i get bored with the norm :)

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