a yummy drink

If you, like me have been deprived of chocolate thickshakes/milky drinks for awhile now, you understand the need to drink a milky drink occassionally. i've had HUGE cravings for milkshakes lately. i purchased myself some full fat zymil milk and created this little drink (i couldn't and wouldn't call it a recipe) yesterday morning. so simple and easy and tasty! it's a bit like a caramely tasting drink.

you'll need:

about 2 tbspns of brown sugar (depending on how sweet you want it)
a splash of vanilla.
some lactose free milk (i don't like the taste of caramel with soy/rice milk which is why i've gone the lactose free milk - it still tastes like real milk. bonus!)

pop the sugar into the bottom of your cup. add a wee bit of hot water and a splash of vanilla essence. mix it together so the sugar starts to dissolve a bit.

then pour in your milk and you are done!

to normal people (and by normal i mean those who have the gift of being able to consume dairy with no problems whatsoever) this probably tastes like crap, but to me, who hasn't been able to drink anything like this in a few years, thinks it tastes bloody amazing!

i hope you do too!

tara louise.

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