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I'm pretty excited (+ well stressed out) that the husband and I are off to travel around the UK and Europe for a month on Sunday. Apart from doing all the normal things you do when you get ready to travel - book flights, accommodation, research dairy free/vegan cafes in the places we're going (you know, because we all do this) - one of the other things that takes up a large majority of my organisation and time is spent on deciding what to take to wear.

I'm a fairly light traveller (on the way over anyway) and am getting better at this as i get older and travel more. This time I'm taking a suitcase (I've travelled with a backpack most times over the past few years) and a husband who is the opposite of a light packer (why wouldn't he need to take 32 shirts for a month long stay in brazil where he barely wears a shirt? true story - i had to pack his backpack at the end for him and counted them - and made him leave about half there for his cousins). I've been researching winter styling, winter/spring trends and have stumbled across one or two travelling lightly tips on pinterest.

I found this on travelista on how to pack lightly and mix and match outfits.

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

I've tried to base my suitcase packing on this model. As it is rather cold in the UK + Europe at the moment I'll be taking a lot more long sleeved options and things to layer. 

Some of my inspiration pictures:

And so following these bits of style inspiration, I pulled together a virtual packing list on polyvore. Her'es what I plan on taking + a bit more. I don't have all these exact outfits, but have picked them based on similarities to what I have in my own wardrobe. 

1. Shirts Jumpers Bottoms

2. Dresses Shoes Accessories

2. Dresses Shoes Accessories

3. The Real Accessories. So as I said I'll be taking more than what I have here. At the moment I have oodles sitting on top of my suitcase and have to edit lots of pieces. I am aiming on taking about a half a suitcase over and filling up the rest of mine and husbands suitcase with goodies from topshop, h+m, zara, primark and oh so many other amazing shops.

how do you plan your wardrobe for travelling??

tara louise. 

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