Follow the yellow brick road...

This week I've started feeling more normal and "with it" since we got back. 

The week we arrived is a distant memory and i barely remember anything that happened that week (jet lag + a cold/flu germy, asthma-y thing isn't a great combo! add to that the first days back to work and easter and I was screwed from the start really!).
The week before last I was in a complete daze and my brain was certainly not planted firmly in my head.

This week I feel like I'm getting back on top of things and making steps towards exciting changes for the future. 

 I went for my first run in ages (or maybe it was last week - not sure now! see it's all a daze) and went to zumba last night and while it was tough i didn't need my puffer once! Result!

I'm clearing out the house and doing a giant spring clean and letting go of a lot of crap.
It's feeling good.

I'm almost back. Not quite yet I don't think.
Seems like an eternity since we got back, but I'm getting there slowly.
I'm following my yellow brick road. 
One small step at a time, but I'm getting there. 

I'm going to print these images out too and create an inspiration board to keep in mind as I get too hung up on what other people are doing and their successes.

here's to new adventures


very true.

believe that.

These are all keeping me going and inspired.

I hope something in here can inspire you too or spur you on to try something different.

tara louise.

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