my week in photos.

this week (and a bit of last week): i did an inspection on a property with this lino - loved the look of it with my shoes! we had a garage sale last sunday morning. i went to the dawn service + marched with my grandpa, mum and aunt on wednesday for anzac day. i made icecream sandwiches that day too. i braved the rain (which has only just stopped in the past 2 days) and got soaked at the farmers market with mum. yesterday my husband, mum and i found ourselves in the middle of the shooting at robina town centre - scariest thing in my life that i never ever want to have to go through again. we went to the versace for a friends birthday dinner where i had  my very first lobster and the freshest yummiest sushi (a quick story: i'd eaten one piece of sushi off this plate and pulled all my lobster out of the shell, decided it needed some lemon so jumped up and grabbed it to come back to find they'd taken my plate away. gutted! luckily it was a buffet so i just grabbed another). and my wee nephew got 2 teeth this week. just!

that's my week. i'm off to the surf club now for another friends birthday.

what have you been up to? 

tara louise.

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