The food must have been amazing...

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I saw this pin on pinterest this morning and added it to my 'i need to go there' board.
I can't believe we went to barcelona and didn't make it to this church.
we are crazy.
i know, it's like going to rome and not seeing the colloseum.
but hey, the food was so good!

we had planned to go and this was the one thing i wanted to see, but we became side tracked by the amazing food (cod fish balls - the best i've ever eaten! and lovely fresh juices to be more precise) and failed to see much of Barcelona.
We only saw what was in between each amazing restaurant, bar, cafe or market.

Next time hey!

tara louise.  

chimidama  – (Friday, June 15, 2012)  

hey tara,
god one of the places i would to go. although its not finished, its still looks stunning..

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