what i wore to work...

the past couple of weeks, i've apparently been running on a few key looks:

as you can probably see, i tend to find one thing that works and keep going with it!

i might recreate some of these looks again this week. 
i'm needing outfits that require layers - it's freezing when i go to work, cold inside the office and hot outside by 1pm, then freezing by the time i get home. it's like living in melbourne. ridiculous.
i do like the weather at this time of year though. cool some days and deliciously and suprisingly hot the next. 

can you also tell i'm steering away from the professional sultry modely looks most bloggers take when showcasing their wardrobes. i'm heading towards lots of pouting, silly looks and funny posing.
makes for a more interesting shot i think. hahaha. 
makes me feel less like a dork too - i'm no model so won't try to be!

enough said.

tara louise. 

Wendy Sice  – (Tuesday, May 22, 2012)  

I especially love the yellow coat and the black t-bar shoes! xx

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