my week in photos

it's a double edition this week. 

as i mentioned i was super busy and was getting sick last weekend, so nothing much happened on the blog front. 

last week, i bought these fancy glittery shoes. we went to hard rock cafe for dinner and i had my fave cocktail there - a pickled tink. it was mothers day last sunday. i bought mum some of the same shoes as in the first pic but leopard print ones - she has a thing for leopard print. mum, dad, myself and gramps met my aunt, uncle and cousin up at southbank for lunch and we'd had brekky with our friends. i had monday off sick with a cold and painted my nails with a very subtle geo print. i continued for the rest of the week to rattle around with a huge amount of vitamins inside me. i organised my desk space at work - i need everything out in plain view so i don't forget anything. i'm going to a masquerade ball next weekend, so have been trying on masks - i'm loving this cat one! we went to the surf club - currumbin - for my brother in laws birthday last night; i asked my husband for a straw in my ginger beer and this is what he came back with. i made a delicious smoothie for brekky this morning. i've also been crafting and making things today. 

this week was a long tough one. i was exhausted yesterday after it. i've been sick, husbands been sick, i've had interviews and doctor appointments for both of us by the truck load. fun and games! i've been in a bit of a funk all week. 

i'm hoping next week will be less of a right off and i'll get more done! 
i'm in a creative buzz at the moment, so would love to not waste a minute of it.

hope you've had a lovely week and an even better one next week. 

tara louise. 

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