snot blocked.

it's been unwillingly quiet on the blog front this past week.

here's all the excuses under the sun as to why this has been the case:

  • life's been busy.
  • i've got a cold + feel crappy - hence the snot block title :)
  • life's been busy
  • full time work gets in the way of the fun things (like blogging) - although i'm writing this post while at work now. naughty i know!
  • we had a chocka block weekend with mothers day.
  • i have a few appointments i'm getting prepared for this week.
  • i've just been feeling rather overwhelmed by life in general.
so there's all my excuses as to why it's been a quiet week on the blog. i had full intentions on it being less quiet, but what will be will be!

here's a pretty picture for you to accompany my post of excuses:


let me sleep world!

tara louise.

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