A few new scars for tara

I had a little operation today. 
A laparoscopy. 
Nothing major. Just a baby making boost hopefully! 
I was starving after my bowel prep yesterday 
(and I won't go into that anymore because it's yuck).
I was most concerned about the bowel prep and having to get stitches out.
The actual operation didn't bother me at all, but scared husband the most.
I got to lay under the warm blanket. My fave part of having an operation. 
While they were cleaning the theatre before I went in, it sounded like they were clearing a dinner table.
My GP turned up + said hi. That was a nice surprise. 
I got to wear a red wrist band. It was a nice red too. 
I rocked some pretty blue shower cap type slippers. 
It made me realise I seriously need a dressing gown. Do you know how warm they are!?
I scored another pair of hospital grade pressure tights for my next plane trip.
I got to eat a roast beef and tomato sandwich in recovery. It was really good.
I now have 4 new little scars. That's a total so far of 4 little ones and 2 big ones. 

I have spent the day on the couch in my PJs with the heater on catching up on my shows.
It was a cold, rainy day and a perfect day to rest on the couch. 
I hate the feeling that I've got from the oxygen build-up in my body. 
I feel like I have air bubbles between my ribs and lungs. 
I probably do and it's annoying me. 
I'm super excited though that I don't have to get stitches taken out. 
Hip Hip Hooray for that!

And that's my story for today.
Tomorrow is more resting and catching up on the rest of my TV shows. 
Kardashians, Tabitha Taking Over + Revenge. 
Crappy shows that I love and I can't wait. I've been saving them up in preparation. 

Thanks husband for looking after me today.
Thanks a bunch. 

What have you been up to today!?

tara louise. 

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