Wake up your inner child.

I have just read this article about waking up your inner child and how it can be important to your every day life. 

Do something fun childlike today.

Here's a few fun/stupid things to make you giggle:

Jump in a puddle
Run through the rain
Roll down a grassy hill (this isn't as easy as when you were a child, but still fun!)
Blow bubbles
Pop some paper clips onto your nails and make creepy long claws
(If you eat cheezels/burger rings) pop them on your fingers like rings
Buy some hubba bubba and shove the whole pack in your mouth and try blow a super big bubble to cover your whole face.
Dack someone (I do this on a weekly basis! Not in public though)
Buy a pack of allen's lollies and pop the teeth ones over your real teeth
Buy some liquorice and leave a stick over your teeth for as long as you can and see how green you can get your teeth.
Make + eat fairy bread
Walk in shoes that are bigger than your own feet ( i like walking in my husband thongs - practical when i can't find mine but it makes me laugh coz I feel like a bit of a clown).
Dance like an idiot.
Pick some teeny tiny weedy flowers and give them to someone
Blow a raspberry on someone - preferably someone you know.

There's a few to get you started.
It makes me laugh just thinking of them all!

Kids are great. Release your inner child.

tara louise. 

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