Work Style

This is what I've been hanging out at work in...

as you can see I'm clearly steering away from the norm of how blogger photos of fashion are supposed to go. you know with a nice background, beautiful natural lighting, designer clothes (usually given to them for free), an accessory - like a handbag or something, a coy look over the shoulder. 

I'm taking on my own style of blogging photography and styling photos. 
I was also pretty bored at work where these were all taken. 

So the ones above are the "normal" shots and the ones below are the silly shenanigans ones. I tend to do a couple of simple normal ones and get a bit crazier and nuttier as I carry on. 
I think they are more fun. 
You can just see my clothes less. 

And you can tell it was quiet, as I had my husband take these photos in our reception area. 
I must have looked quite the fool to anyone walking past. 
Fool to some. Fun girl to others. maybe!

tara louise.

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