YUM: frozen yoghurt drops


I am seriously in love with these right now. 
A quick story: i hate strawberry yoghurt. always have always will.
My husband bought me strawberry yoghurt last week (lactose free of course).
I was grossed out by it and wondered if i'd find it as yuck frozen.
Turns out I didn't. Score.

I found this recipe - I feel a bit silly calling it a recipe - on pinterest right here.

Here is the recipe:

Put yoghurt into a snap lock bag.
Snip one corner - this is your non-fancy schmancy piping bag.
Pipe little dots onto a plate.
Shove it in the freezer.
Pick them off and put them in a container and leave in the freezer.

I am loving snacking on them after dinner or lunch.
The ultimate in healthy snacking.

I apologise for the crappy photos too.

Try these. They are just yum.
I need to make some more.

tara louise.

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