DIY: Studded Bag

This DIY is such a simple one. I had a bag which I found in Kmart for $10 but it needed jazzing up a bit, so I grabbed some studs (these can be found in bead shops or craft stores. I got mine from here) and one by one while watching TV fixed them to the bag. I found the easiest way to do this was to pierce the stud through the leather/fabric a few at a time. If you happen to pierce the lining, then pull the lining away from the stud, then with some pliers, fold the spikes inwards. I did a couple of google searches on the correct way to do this and some said to fold the prongs outwards - I highly disagree. I would have no fingers left if I'd done it this way. I vote for folding the prongs in. Work your way around the bag, adding studs where necessary. For my bag, I bought 50 studs but only used about 30. And that's pretty much it. Super Simple and a way to pass the time while watching mindless TV that you don't have to think about or concentrate on. 

tara louise. 

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