monday monday

these weeks are just flying by. i know i say that in every post at the moment, but seriously, the days are flying by without me even noticing!

there's lotsa things i want to make at the moment, lotsa things i'm loving, just don't have the time to get them down on here. will try and get some computer and blog time this week.

last week and over the weekend i've been...

working at school.
when i'm not at school i'm at the shop.
started a 3wk contract in the library at school.
worked friday and saturday of the long weekend in the shop.
sunday mum and dad got my car going again after a long year.
husband, ma, pa and i then went shopping.
trying to stick to my elimination diet. i failed miserably last week.
baking lots of things this weekend. back on track this week.
baking marshmallows.
baking things for the shop.
baking the "chocolate" slice.
making cooked lunches and dinners for me.
cleaning out my disgusting car that's been open to nature for the last 18mths.
trying to find time for sewing.
cleaning the house and doing all the household jobs.
taking care of the boy who's in big trouble at school.
trying not to feel guilty for crashing on the couch nearly every afternoon last week.
explaining to everyone around why i'm so skinny and that no, i'm not anorexic.
making pear and citrus granita.
trying to find the maeve online mag without much success (can anyone help w that one??)
getting up at the same time every morning to take my temperature (thanks ovulation chart)

...and i actually keep coming back to this list as i write this post and it's getting larger and larger!
enough already.

i'm hoping with the diet back on track, a clean house (therefore a clearer head) and some creative juices flowing that this week will be much less crazy and will slow down just a touch so i can get some of the things on my list actually done!

this very wordy blog needs a picture....
so here it is.

found this picture awhile ago and like it.

now i'm off to go sit on the couch with the latest issues of frankie and mixtape to get some more inspiration while watching last nights episode of offspring before husband gets home and wants me to make dinner.
(and i suppose i should tonight seeing as he cooked last night)

i'll be back later on in the week to post last weeks polly dolly, last + this weeks my place + yours, a post on i-spy and some awesome photos i took a couple of weeks ago (even if i do say so myself!)

tara louise.

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