it's on its way...

i've just about been in denial for the past month that christmas is actually on it's way. tell me where has the year gone?? it was this time last year that i was on a jet plane on my way to see my sister and see husbands home. i swear it's only been a few months since we've been back. surely!

however the christmas decorations in the street (out in force in october mind you!!!), the plastic christmas trees everywhere, the final episodes of every good show on tv and the increasing amounts of people at the shops is really is nearly here. far out.  and now that my birthday is over i will actually admit defeat and start thinking about it ( i have a rule that i dont do anything for christmas or even think about it till after my birthday).

to be fair this year i have already worked out what i want to get everyone, have worked out my christmas cards and the way i'm going to wrap my presents (i do a different theme each year). am i anal or does everyone do this??? : )

as of monday, i am going to do one post every day with a  mini gift guide just in case you're like i usually am and have no idea what to get everyone until the week before christmas! don't miss out! i'll be picking the majority of things that are local to australia and handmade where possible.

 i'll also be posting a super easy peasy tutorial for how to recreate my christmas tree this year. a wee sneak peek...

( i bet you can't work out how it will be done! haha)

for now, over and out.
tara louise.

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