Saturday + Sunday

what a delightful weekend it has been.

have spent most fo it with my husband which has been the first weekend in ages!
yesterday was spent redecorating a set of drawers for my sewing to come of that soon.

and today, well i've just come straight from daydream lilly's launch for her collection with element. i was lucky enough to get an invite and took my lovely friend laura along with me. it was held at the most awesome's espresso in mermaid. i've driven past it a thousand times and never new it was there. but now it will be my new favourite place to go! it's everything i love in a cafe. so so cool. it actually reminds me of earth mother in durban, SA. but anyway, back to the launch. it was lovely and relaxed. lovely food, lovely people and live music. we also got a free plant which was a really lovely touch i thought.

thanks for invite liss, i had a great time!
get instore and check out her wares. they are delightful!

tara louise.

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