jan 2011 calendar

back in this post the other day i said i was making a desktop wallpaper for each month to use as my calendar. i've been trying to work out the easiest way for you to use it too....i think the best idea is for me to upload a high res image and you can just save it to your computer. so thats what i've done.

once you've uploaded it, simply open it in a photo editing program and using a text tool, start entering what you need to do. I find it easier to do a new text box for each item. I use a free program off the internet called photoscape. it's great. easy to use and well, free! once you've put in everything you need to, save it to your computer again. then open it up, right click and press "set as desktop background" . all should be dandy!

when you want to add something else to your calendar, simply open the saved image in your photo program again, type what you want, save it again. and repeat the steps as above. if you want clearer steps, comment on this post and i'll do a better job at explaining it : )

hope it comes in handy to you.

tara louise.

renae  – (Wednesday, January 05, 2011)  

This is just lovely - I've set it to my desktop just now! It's nice to have something pretty to look at while at work!

PS- you should add the name/URL or openid option to comments, I don't use my google account anymore :)

Tara  – (Thursday, January 06, 2011)  

thanks : )

i didn't know i could do all that...will try and do it now! thanks again! : )

pfeds  – (Monday, February 21, 2011)  

Such a great idea. I've set it as my Google background on www.gazoomy.com. Superb! Thank!

pfeds  – (Monday, February 21, 2011)  

Hmm, I thought that would be a hot link but maybe I need the http bit? http://www.gazoomy.com. Then you can create your background and use the calender image.

Tara  – (Wednesday, February 23, 2011)  

glad it came to use as a pretty image : ) keep an eye out for the march one!

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