My week in photos.

I thought this was published last night, but apparently not, so here I go again.

This week I painted a red heart on my nails for valentines day. I relaxed on the couch after work with my poppy (that's the cat) strewn over me. I took inventories in some of our units at work. The boys practised the pledge. They became Aussies the next day (no more immigration forms to sign and fill out  - YAY!!!). We took a trip to Southbank for lunch while we were in Brisbane. We then had 1kg of ribs to celebrate their citizenship (mum and I shared that kilo by the way). No photos of Friday and Saturday: friday arvo sucked, saturday was spent working, relaxing and cleaning. Then yesterday we booked our tickets for EuroDisney.

Hope you had a great week last week and in my next post inspires you to have a great week.

tara louise.

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